Contactless Coffee Machines

Touchless Coffee Machines

Our manufacturing partners such as WMF and JURA provides all the exquisite flavour of barista-quality coffee for your staff and customers using the latest contactless coffee machines to deliver safer, smart, coffee dispensing.

The innovative distance selection feature makes managing orders a breeze, with pre-programming options via apps through your smartphone or tablet. Even the most exacting beverage orders are just right every time.

By replacing traditional push-button mechanics with more hygienic contactless technology your staff, customers and visitors experience a reassuringly safer dispenser with reduced shared contact points and can relax and enjoy their coffee breaks.

The small plug in dongles that allows smart devices to connect to the machines are plugged in out of site behind the machines. As well as being easy to maintain, clean and sanitise these neat range of machines fit into any space and the new apps have a lot of real-world applications: i.e. multiple varying orders can be taken in restaurants, meeting and conferences straight and fulfilled by one member of staff.

If you are interested to learn more about these innovative touchless coffee options or any coffee machine from our range visit our Coffee Machine page

Touchless Features:

– Completely contact free selection.

– Connection via smart app technology.

– Low cost per cup.

– Low initial outlay.

– Hygiene

To find out more about contactless coffee machines contact our team, they’re on hand to find the perfect solution for your needs.