Crazy Goat Co’s Story

Our Story

Crazy Goat Co’s story begins with a legend. A long time a’goat (around 800AD), there lived an Ethiopian goat-herder (cue yodelling) called Kaldi – who one day noticed his goats going crazy for a certain type of berry from a certain type of tree. So wide-awake the goats became, they just wouldn’t sleep.

Excited, fascinated and probably pretty tired from wired goats, Kaldi dashed off to see the Abbot at his local Monastery. Together they made a drink with the berries and found it kept them more alert through long sessions of prayer.

News of the drink’s qualities soon spread to Medina, Mecca and eventually to Cairo, Damascus, Baghdad and Constantinople. By the 17th century, coffee had made its way to Europe, and not too long after this, of course, it was down your local High Street.

A few hundred years later…

The Crazy Goat was born. Lord Charlie Goatsworthy the Third (‘Crazy’ to his friends) is the goat about town; roaster not a boaster, he’s the gentleman billy goat with a crazy ambitionto make the coolest coffee chain in the world with a nod to the goats that came before him.

Crazy Goat Co’s Mission

We strive to not only provide great quality coffee and products you can trust and love but to give back where ever we can. This is at the forefront of the Crazy Goat Co brand and is underpinned by our values:

  • Crazy Goat’s disruptive by nature
  • Crazy Goat embraces emerging coffee trends
  • Crazy Goat’s sustainable
  • Crazy Goat’s passionate about our people
  • Crazy Goat loves to engage and inspire
  • Crazy Goat farms fair

We know everyone has felt the strain of this past year, particularly in our local communities. Which is why we have continued to open coffee shops in small communities to not only provide solace in a warm cuppa, but also to bring jobs and support to the communities and other local businesses.

This is only the beginning of Crazy Goat Co’s story we hope you’re as excited as us for what the future holds!