Aeropress Go Coffee Maker


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The AeroPress Go Coffee Maker combines the advantages of French Press, filter method and a traditional coffee maker, which makes the preparation of your aromatic coffee really simple and quick. In addition, the device allows you to explore the limitless flavours of coffee by experimenting with brewing time, water temperature and fine or coarse ground beans. You can brew up to 237 ml of coffee at a time. It was created as a response to the demand for an even more compact brewer. The device fits into a mug and allows you to make a cup of perfect black coffee anytime and anywhere - when travelling, on a hike or in the office.

Additional Information

The set includes Aeropress, 350 paper filters, coffee stirrer, coffee scoop, filter holder (for 20 filters), cup and lid. AeroPress Go Coffee Maker is one of the most compact coffee makers in the world: AeroPress Go: 12cm x 9cm x 9cm AeroPress Go CoffeE Maker with the whole set closed in a cup with the lid: 14cm x 10cm x 10 cm