Gilling Basah Blend

Description - Gilling Basah Blend

A new addition to our premium espresso family. This blend combines (in equal parts) two of our speciality coffees Colombian & Sumatran which have been roasted separately. The flavour profile is sweet tropical fruits with a light to medium body has a superb lingering aftertaste of Dark Chocolate.

Roast Profile: 4/5

Additional information

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Overview Gilling Basah
Origin Colombia and Sumatra
Locatione San Augustin and Lingtong
Farm Size Variable 4 – 20 Hectares
Bean Type Arabica
Bean Process Fully Washed and Semi Washed (Gilling Basah Method)
Tree Varietal Caturra, Ateng and Bergendal
Altitude 1150m to 1850m
Certifications None
Harvest Season June to December
Cup Score 85
Taste Profile Tropical Fruits, Dark Chocolate, Vanilla and Caramel