Mexico Classic



Federación de Sociedades Coopertivas Indígenas y Ecológicas de Chiapas (also known as FESICH or FIECH) has over 3,300 members, primarily indigenous farmers, and their families. Each producer does their own wet milling and dries the coffees on their own patios before delivering the coffee to the cooperative. Since the founding of FESICH they have established a renovation program, built a nursery that now houses over two million coffee plants and offers training programs for leaf rust treatment. In addition, producer members have access to small producer financing.

At Masteroast we are keen to work with cooperatives that are sustainable and give back to the people that coffee matters the most to. By working alongside FESICH, we are able to ensure that the future is a brighter place for the producers.

On cupping the coffee, the flavours were distinct yet mellow, allowing for an every day drinking coffee that still shines brightly.

Additional Information

Sweet Toast | Candy | Tea-Like

Location - Chiapas
Altitude - 1100 - 1800 Masl
Species - Arabica
Varietal/s - Various
Process - Washed
Taste Notes - Sweet Toast, Cereal In Aroma, Candy like Sweetness, Mild Acidity, Low Bitter, Tea-like Body, Mellow And Soft.