Roasting Coffee: A Guide To Different Roasting Profiles

Why Roast Coffee?

Roasting is a heat process that transforms coffee from shades of green to fragrant flavour full dark brown beans we know and love.

Roast profiles, whether dark, light, or medium, have a big impact on the flavour and attributes of your coffee. Roast profiles are defined as a set of criteria used to decide how coffee is roasted. They are heavily reliant on your control of the roasting equipment, as well as the data owing to this process that you collect.

However, knowledge of machinery alone is not enough in order to produce a desirable roast profile, roasters must consider a range of parameters relating to the coffee itself, ranging from density and processing to variety and hardness.

What are the Different Types of Coffee Roasting Profiles?

Roast Profiles 1 & 2

These roasts are mainly utilised in the beauty and wellness sector for makeup and facial, body and hair washes/scrubs since the coffee is not roasted but rather just beginning to acquire a flavour. The bean appearance is light yellow/orange with a unique grassy & earthy flavour profile.

Roast Profiles 3 & 4

This particular roast profile is now most commonly used within the speciality coffee shops and retail sectors across the globe. The coffee is matured to what is referred to as the ‘first crack’ and just beyond. At this point, consequently, the beans begin to develop a light brown appearance. Generally, the flavour profile and keynotes tend to be fruity, floral and sweet with sharp acidity. As a result, they are considered to be clean on the palate.

Roast Profiles 5 & 6

Are the more traditional roast profiles of the 80’s & 90’s and seen today in the big chain coffee outlets. At profiles 5-6 the coffee has just reached what roasters have coined as the ‘second crack’. The oils present in the bean have just started to exude onto the surface of the bean. This results in a dark slightly shiny appearance the taste profiles tend to be Chocolate, Smokey and Nutty with a medium mouthfeel.

Roast Profiles 7 & 10

These were the very first roast profiles to exist for coffee when roasting was rudimentary in frying pans and open flame cookers served into the early part of the 20th Century. The beans are almost all completely black with the oils completely covering the surface of the beans and giving them a shiny appearance and sticky feel. This profile is still widely seen across the middle east. This is where it was first discovered that roasting brought out the caffeine within the beans. Turkish coffee almost exclusively uses this style of roasting. The flavour profiles tend to be 70% Dark Chocolate, Spicy/Earthy with Bitterness and Heavy mouthfeel.

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